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Which design is right for you?

Our collection of self build conservatories offer desirable designs to suit all homes and tastes. All of our DIY conservatories are available to fit a dwarf wall or with full-height glass. You can further customise your design with a choice of stylish colours.


The Edwardian conservatory provides a spacious extension to your home with classic clean lines evoking the era from which it's design is taken.

Edwardian DIY Conservatory
Edwardian DIY Conservatory
Edwardian DIY Conservatory
Edwardian DIY Conservatory


The Victorian style conservatory can be designed to suit almost any property and space. Its gothic style has stood the test of time and continues to inspire.

Victorian DIY Conservatory
Victorian DIY Conservatory
Victorian DIY Conservatory Interior
Victorian DIY Conservatory Interior

Double Hipped

Ideal for homes with low soffits and restricted headroom, this style of conservatory offers an elegant elevated roof design by including a box gutter that fixes to the house wall or fascia and lends itself perfectly to an orangery style.

Double Hipped DIY Conservatory
Double Hipped DIY Conservatory
Double Hipped DIY Conservatory
Double Hipped DIY Conservatory

Gable Fronted

With it's wonderful, elevated front window this conservatory provides a light and airy space which is hard to beat. The optional Sunburst gable design is a lovely addition to add extra style.


This contemporary design offers good internal floor space with a striking shaped design to the front. Incorporating shaped roof panels and removing the large wedge shaped frame usually associated with a traditional lean-to design the Gullwing is a great choice for those looking for something a bit different.

Gullwing DIY Conservatory

Traditional Lean-To

The traditional Lean–To with its rectangular, low pitch roof design is the perfect choice for many homes. Managing to be both traditional and contemporary whilst offering a very functional and spacious design this conservatory is a great fit for all properties.


The P-shape structure combines the benefits of a lean-to and drama of either Edwardian or Victorian style conservatories.

The P-shape offers unsurpassed light and space and maximum versatility - use it as one large conservatory or two adjoining conservatory rooms. Many P-shaped conservatories have separately defined dining and relaxing areas and quickly become the centre of the home.

The projection and width of the "cut out" section of our P-shape is completely customisable. Please add your required dimensions to the notes section when using our online designer.

P Shape DIY Conservatory
French Doors as standard

All Click Conservatories come with double-glazed French doors as standard which can be positioned on any of the glazed sides.

Window Choices

Our glass is all 28mm thick double glazed meaning that your conservatory will provide a wonderful living space no matter the temperature outside. All conservatories come with two top-openers as standard and you can specify more when ordering. We also offer flexible options for large openers and roof vents, all of which can be selected using our online designer.

Your conservatory can be further customised with a range of attractive decorative glazing options for the top panels.

For extra thermal efficiency you can upgrade all of you glass panels to A-Rated units.

We offer the option to upgrade all of your windows to Celsius Clear glass which provides a neutral tint and superior reflectivity to keep excess heat and UV rays out of your conservatory in the Summer months. Celsius Clear has an Easy Clean coating enabling water to run off the glass taking most dirt and grime with it.

All doors and windows are supplied with the latest high-performance multi-point locks.

Roofing options for your new conservatory

Polycarbonate Roof

Our standard roof comes fitted with 35mm thick polycarbonate panels in either clear, opalite or bronze finish. Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic material that is lightweight and can withstand extreme temperatures. This durable and practical roofing material is a great low-cost option for conservatories.

Upgrade to Heatguard Polycarbonate

Heatguard Polycarbonate is a special treatment that is built into the top side of the polycarbonate sheet. This serves to reflect the sun’s rays helping to reduce heat build up within the roof by up to 50%. The internal face of the polycarbonate sheet is opal tinted giving excellent reflective internal light.

Glass Roof

More consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of glass roofing compared with polycarbonate. Aside from aesthetics, glass tends to have a much longer life span. Coupled with the ease of maintenance, it is now a preferred option for many of our customers.

The Celsius range was one of the first glazing solutions on the market to offer the unique combination of heat reflection and thermal insulation. But Celsius has even more benefits:-

  • Rainfall and traffic noise are dramatically reduced when compared to 25mm polycarbonate. The argon gas filled units offer greater insulation properties.
  • Destructive UV rays are reduced by up to 94%, thus offering protection for furniture and fabrics from sun damage. It also gives the roof fantastic anti-glare properties.
  • With Easy Clean technology included as standard, your glass will require much less maintenance.
  • Enjoying the view! Having a glass roof that stays clean is a wonderful option for your conservatory. Whether looking up at perfect blue or stormy grey skies. Doing so from the comfort of your new conservatory is something that will you will never tire of.
There are 3 options within the Celsius range.

Celsius Clear Recommended for the conservatory frames, Celsius Clear is the perfect alternative to standard clear glass. With a neutral tint that will not stop the light coming through, it will however provide much better protection that standard glass and is highly recommended if you are going to use either ELITE or ONE in your roof to ensure your conservatory performs.

Celsius One Celsius One has become the new benchmark in performance glass for conservatories. With its blue tint and combined performance, it both enhances the look of your installation and ensures that you can use it for much longer and greater comfort than if you had opted for either a standard clear glass or other blue glass. Because it isn’t all in the colour. If you really want to make a difference in the way you use your conservatory opt for Celsius One.

Celsius Elite The ultimate in performance glass, Celsius Elite brings the best performance glazing you can get for your conservatory. Visually it has the strongest blue in the range, which serves to enhance colours from your garden without darkening the room. Externally the tint is more visible, giving a warm, cosy feel to your installation when looking in. Elite is the best option for conservatories that are south facing and in exposed locations, to ensure you can use the room in increased comfort.

Standard Glass Celsius One Celsius Elite Celsius Clear
U-Value 2.8 1.0 0.9 1.0
Solar Factor 75% 22% 22% 42%
Visible Light Transmission 80% 38% 34% 61%
Heat Reflection 25% 78% 78% 58%
UV Protection 25% 94% 94% 73%
Toughened to BS EN 12150-1
Manufactured to BS EN 1279-2
10 year warranty against seal failure
Easy Clean coating
Cavity Fill Air Argon Argon Argon
Blue Tint Neutral tint
Make it an Orangery

Upgrading your Click Conservatory to an orangery is a great way to take your new living space to the next level with an extra feeling of grandeur.

Just click Make Mine An Orangery when designing your Edwardian, or Double Hipped conservatory. All measurements will be automatically calculated based on your dimensions.

Our orangery system incorporates a decorative aluminium high-fronted gutter to conceal the roof bars. Coupled with an internal soffit to you can easily create a beautiful orangery room for your home.

The eye-catching internal soffit provides space for low voltage down-lights or speakers, which will elevate your conservatory and achieve a luxurious feel.

As with our conservatories, our orangery system is easy to install and will only add 2-3 hours to your conservatory installation.



Each Click Conservatory is built from individually manufactured conservatory frames that utilise our exclusive connection system which makes building your conservatory a breeze.

  • Minimal Screws - less parts for more speed
  • Minimal Drilling - to keep it clean and tidy
  • Quicker To Install - just click, slide and lock

Your conservatory will be supplied with easy-to-read plans and instructions. The basic process is as follows:-


Sills are cut to size, and are ready for the Sill Support Blocks.


Sill Support Blocks on the panels locate into the sill, and click into position.


Pre glazed frames engage into Sill and slide into position.


Aluminium Connectors slide down between Panels holding them together.


Rotating the 1/4 turn Buttons with an allen key secures the Panels, at the correct distance apart.


Once locked into position the Buttons are used to locate the cover strip, for a clean finish.

Our roof system continues the same simple DIY process.
Durabase - A Simple Solution For Conservatory Bases

Installing your Click Conservatory is a breeze for any experienced DIYer. And a Durabase can make the process even easier. What's more, when you use our exclusive designer we'll automatically calculate the required size.

Install your Durabase in four simple steps...

Choose the site for your conservatory. Durabase can be sited anywhere, even on a sloping site.


Install the concrete pads as per the pad plan supplied. Note the lack of mess and disruption!


Lay down the steel base and level using the adjustable legs then fix to the house wall.


Attach brick skirt and modular wall to steel base and finish by fixing the bridging tiles in place.

The Durabase System comprises a bespoke steel base and modular wall made to your exact specifications ensuring a perfect fit for your conservatory – every time!

Durabase arrives in kit form and is suitable for both professional and DIY installation. The only foundations required are a number of concrete pads placed at strategic points around the base. This means far less excavation work and waste material to dispose of compared to other methods of base construction. The Durabase System is also very quick to install.

Drain Access

Manholes need not present an expensive obstruction. The base will naturally span the drain and access can be gained via a trap-door and removable floor joist, built in during fabrication.

Click Assist

Never built a conservatory? Not sure where to start? Relax. With our unique Click Assist package you can have one of our experts with you every step of the way.

Outstanding build quality and innovative construction mean that our conservatories can be installed by any competent DIY-er and usually only take a few days to build. But if you've never done it before then building a conservatory can still seem like a daunting task.

If you'd like a helping hand getting started or would appreciate a professional giving your work an expert eye then Click Assist is for you.

For just £250* per day you can have one of our expert installers on site to assist as you see fit. Just choose Click Assist as an option on our conservatory designer.

* Price is within a 100 mile radius of our base in Bristol. An additional charge of £0.45 per mile per day will apply outside of this area.
Ordering your Click Conservatory

Designing and ordering your self build conservatory with us couldn't be easier. Here's what you need to know.

Use our exclusive conservatory designer to build the conservatory of your dreams. Choose your shape, glazing and provide your measurements. Then you can think about those extras which will make your new conservatory truly yours.

The price shown for your design will include VAT and delivery to your door.

Of course every home and garden is different and that's why one of our experts will personally inspect your order to ensure that the price that you have been quoted is accurate. Should anything need to be changed we will contact you immediately.

You will receive a full set of detailed CAD drawings before final sign off. This will help aid decisions on door, roof vent and window opening locations ready for manufacture and we will be able to advise on any of these decisions. Click here to see an example.

Once you have signed off on your design we will contact you to collect payment and dispatch your conservatory which will be delivered direct to your door.

All of our conservatories are covered by a full ten year warranty.

Ordering with Click really is that easy. Let's get started...

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